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O kancelarii

Laura Mnich Laura Mnich - legal adviser. Laura completed her study of law in 1998, writing her master's thesis on the subject of company law and criminal law, specifically "The criminal responsibility of the board members of a limited liability company". She has been a legal adviser since 2003 and is involved in business consultancy for firms, specializing in economic law, international commercial law, arbitration, real estate, copyright and personal data protection. In addition to being a lecturer at the School of Banking and a coach in negotiation and legal safeguards, Laura also leads seminars for Gazeta Prawna as well as both institutional clients and individuals. She is the author of many publications and has been published in such titles as the above-mentioned Gazeta Prawna and Rzeczpospolita.

Ewelina Wojewoda

Ewelina Wojewoda - legal adviser. In 2005 she completed her study of law at the University of Wrocław and defended her master's thesis, written under the direction of Prof. Andrzej Śmieja, Ph.D with the title "The preliminary contract and some similar legal institutions", achieving the grade 'very good'. In September 2008 she completed her judicial apprenticeship at the District Court in Wrocław and passed the judge's examination, in 2009 gaining an entry on the register of legal advisers maintained by the Board of the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Wrocław. In the course of her studies and judicial apprenticeship Ewelina worked for over five years at the offices of legal advisers and ran exercises with students at the University of Economics, on the courses 'Management and Marketing' and 'Computer Science and Econometrics' in the subjects 'Economic law' and 'The bases of law'. She has been published by Gazeta Prawna and specializes in civil, economic and labor law.

Jacek Cieszyński

Jacek Cieszyński - attorney. Jacek represents both individual and business clients in the United States, specializing in American civil law, real estate, economic law, intellectual property and tax law in the USA. He provides assistance with registering and beginning operations in America and advises on the acquisition of capital, investors and required permits as well as registration with the authorities. He assists too with the employment of personnel, the registration of trademarks and issues of taxation. Consultancy and assistance are provided in the USA in both Polish and English.

Magdalena Fraczek

Artur Kosiński - legal adviser. Artur is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia and has completed his judicial apprenticeship, in 1991 passing the judge's examination. In the years 1991-98 he was an assistant at the Department of Civil Law and Private International Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia. He is the author of the publications EU Financial Assistance for Entrepreneurs, European Union Subsidies – from the Promise to the Bank, a joint work for C.H. Beck Publishing House (Warsaw 2005), Family and Guardianship Law, for Wieczorek-Press Publishing House (Katowice 1994), and Banking, selected legal articles, vol. I-III, also for Wieczorek-Press (Katowice 1993). Artur possesses a wealth of experience in business and management gained over many years at both public and private limited companies. He runs an office in Bytom with a reach encompassing the south of the country.

Magdalena Fraczek

Magdalena Frączek - lawyer. - Prawnik. UMagdalena graduated from the University of Wrocław with an excellent grade, having written her master's thesis under the direction of Prof. Elwira Marszałkowska-Krześ, Ph.D, on "Statutory limitations to the negotiability of shares". She has completed a licentiate at Wrocław College of Management and Finance in management and marketing, specializing in human resources management. Her licentiate thesis was written under the direction of Prof. Mieczysław Sobczak, Ph.D with the title "The problem of workplace bullying". She works at present as assistant to a legal adviser and is preparing for the trainee legal advisor examination.

Anna Radwańska

Krystyna Anna Radwańska - Krystyna has graduated in three subjects, including management and economics. She is an experienced manager, administering a number of departments – organization and human resources, finance, sales and production. She has conducted the restructuring of several large firms as regards employment, organization, property, finance and production as well as successfully introduced controlling. Krystyna is a specialist in tax and finance law, is capable of assessing the potential of firms and understands the acquisition of investors, stock exchange entry and EU subsidies. She prepares applications for subsidies and assists in obtaining supplementary financing.

Anna Radwańska

Iwona Bednarska - specialist in tax law. Iwona has studied economics and pursued postgraduate studies in taxation. Since 2000 she has held Minister of Finance certification for provision of a book-keeping service, since 2001 the position of Chief Accountant. She is involved in book-keeping supervision and consultancy in tax and accounting.


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